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Hannah (Rose) Dickenson
08/02/2013 6:33am

I might have you for computers 1 marking period in computers. ^_^

Mrs. Reid
08/02/2013 9:18am

Yay! Too bad I won't see you right away :/ but the baby is ALMOST here!

Hannah (Rose) Dickenson
08/02/2013 9:47am

Are you going to tell me her name yet?

Hannah (Rose) Dickenson
08/06/2013 7:03am

My parents are going to Europe on Friday to visit my super smart three year-old cousin that passed kindergarten, knows two languages (English and German), and knows how to ski. They are going for Free. While they are gone, me and my little brothers are going to our grandma's house. I might or might not be able to talk to you. :'-(

Hannah (Rose) Dickenson
08/20/2013 9:54am

I'm Back!

maddie ahoooo
10/23/2013 1:56pm

HI MRS REID! ITS ME! im not sure if im supposed to comment here but ill take my chances... hi! hows the baby? i miss you alot! texas is cool but i might not be able to respond soon. this is my schools computer and im grounded off the computer and i miss you so much! is aleisha in one of ur classes? she and her sister are going to visit us this christmas! well..bells gonna ring..BYEEE!

Zander Ahoooo!!
11/05/2013 5:12am

Hey MAHEEEE!!!!!! It's Zander! I have CLAK 1st hour. Mrs.Reid isnt coming back though :'( We all miss you sooooooo MUCH!!!

maddie ahooooo ;3
01/24/2014 1:15pm

eeeee! hiiiii! how are these peeps? omg it got down to 33 degrees today! and my basketball team won a game! so exciting! eeeeee! byeeee!


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